Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Been a while

Holidays got the better of me this month. Back to business...I haven't updated this on a personal level in a while.

I turned 35. Not a big thing. I wasn't dreading it much. Just another day in the grand scheme of things. I did however get some news that made my birthday heavy. My uncle Stephen finally let go of his fight with cancer. He passed away mid morning on my birthday. He faught...nobody including his doctors had expected him to make it to June yet he held on for another 7 months. My dad is quite upset and shaken again. This is his second younger brother in just over a year to pass from cancer. He also lost his best friend to this terrible disease within that time period too.

Christmas was a let down this year. My mom having moved out East could not make it this year. My sister tried but the roads were just crap and she had to turn back so we did not do our traditional Christmas Eve get together. Then on the afternoon of Eve Lacy ended up in the walk in clinic with a bad ear infection. She and Brent spent a couple of hours there waiting. The kids had a good Christmas otherwise. Mind you the post Christmas boredom drove me nuts and drove me to make a decision to change our life as a family. I created a new blog to track that progress. We are simplifying life and learning to be grateful for what we have and for eachother. All the while trying to get more organized, de-stressing, doing more as a family and just being better people. HERE is the new blog.

New Years came and went. We aren't big on that whole thing really. But it did prompt me to really sit back and look at the past while and realise we needed to change. Hell, most of the people I know probably need to get back what has been lost to the go go go mentality of society. Anyhow...onwards and upwards to better things. Life WILL change for the better because I refuse to just be idle or passive anymore about letting things rule our lives.

On a wonderfully good note, my sister Naomi and her boyfriend Adam got engaged!! YAY! They plan on a wedding after she finishes with school in a year and a half. I have only met Adam the once but he seemed like a pretty good guy and if my dad approves of him then he must be worthy! :)

Not much more new news on the stepdad front. His cancer is still growing slowly. His last MRI showed that the last gamma knife surgery didn't do much at all. They are playing the waiting game yet again...afraid to do much more to his brain in fear of more swelling which means more seizing which means more meds which means his quality of life goes down the toilet. The meds had him like a zombie and just not right before they lowered his dosage so going back to that would mean homecare more than likely and he does NOT want that.

So that is it in a nutshell really. I forget when the last personal update was so I may have missed some stuff. lol

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Patti H said...

loving your new blog. I am sorry to hear about your Uncle and your photo of the kids I can't beleive how mature Logan looks. Great shot!! Happy New Year my friend!