Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chapter 7 Nightmares

The girls at The Paper Cut are back after the holidays with the new Twilight scrap booking challenge. Here is my take on their Nightmare challenge. It was pretty lumpy with the red rhinestones on it so I had to take a picture of it instead of scanning this week.



Sexy kind of scary. I had GOOD dreams about him. He was so good at being BAD.


He was creepy, nice weird. Not the most skeery of vamps but he did have haunting eyes. Yup skeery eyes.


Now this is a skeery bitch! She gave me nightmares. That smile, that hair...she is my Twilight bad dream villain.


Andrea Ancich said...

this layout ROCKS!
nice job lady!

Nena said...

Oooooooooooh, I love it!!! I am so jealous. Wishing I had your mad skills, like for real!

Leslie said...

that's awesome!!!

Kimberly said...

You girls are making me want to do a Twilight LO !!!

Yankee said...

Love it!

BajuKorea said...

Mad layout!!! Keep Updating !!!

Cracky You Whip said...

My niece would love this! Awesome!