Monday, December 07, 2009

Chapter 6 {scary stories}

Another layout for The Paper Cut blog challenges. This one I am not happy with but it is done. I used my friend Nancy's sketch for this one....and I am so sorry Nancy, I butchered it! lol Anyhow the challenge was to tackle something you are afraid of doing so I dug out the texture paste. I stamped it and I covered some chipboard in it. I also used my own handwriting which I can't stand doing and almost stroke out at the thought of my messy writing ruining a layout lol. NO wonder I am not happy with it...I had anxiety overload on this one lol.
Why did I start reading Twilight?
Honestly, I wanted to disprove all the hype.
I wanted to hate the book...
Boy was I WRONG!

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Nancyroo said...

Actually, Stacy, I think it rocks! I love the way you did it.