Monday, November 16, 2009

Chapter 5 {Blood Type}

Well here is my layout for Chapter 5's challenge from Paper Cut where we had to discuss our like or dislike for blood and to get MESSY! I hope you all like it because I got "blood" all over my scrap space lol. Remind me to lay down some plastic a la Dexter next time. I had to wipe off my wall! lol I even decided to slap on some bloody hand prints. I know how crazy CP is about misting I tried misting around a cutout paper heart to get the shape under the title....and I faux stitched around it. And NO layout is complete without a pic of Robward!! *sigh*

Journalling: I bothered by it? No. Can I stomach the sight of it?
Hell yeah! I have had a healthy obsession with horror
movies ever since I saw my first one...Funhouse. The
more blood the better for me. Give me a good vampire
movie (ahem Twilight), my favorite serial killer Dexter, that
crazy ass Bateman from American Psycho or the
creepy Captain Spaulding from House of 1000 Corpses.
Am I a freak? Ummm yeah!!!


Nancyroo said...

how fun! Love the fingerprints!

Jen K. said...

Stacy, have you watched True Blood yet?? Talk about bloody!!

Jessie said...

love it stace! seriously!

Cheri Pryor said...

It's awesome!

buy rift platinum said...

Cool! looks awesome.=D

HayleighwannabePattinson said...

blood type i my favorite chapter from the first book, i sometmes just read that chapter over and over again, i just love it! x